Hot Club Faux Gitane

Hot Club Faux Gitane

Nov. 17, 2019

An acoustic swing band like no other, Hot Club Faux Gitane* draws inspiration from the Gypsy jazz tradition pioneered by Django Reinhardt and his Quintette du Hot Club de France, with acoustic guitars and double bass providing the rhythmic core. The group’s unique instrumentation features mandolin, bassoon, and vocals, with occasional clarinet and melodica. Inventive and witty arrangements augment traditional Gypsy repertoire with original compositions, jazz standards, Latin tunes, and hints of Eastern European Klezmer. This is upbeat, toe-tapping music that will have you bopping in your seat, if not dancing in the aisles!    []

[* Roughly translated, our name means “Hot Club of the Fake Gypsies.” Yes, we know it’s not proper French.]

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